Drago One provides interior fit-out and facility maintenance that specialises in high quality works for commercial and luxury retailers, as well as resorts, hotels, showrooms and offices. We are passionate about delivering the 3Q's in meeting our clients' expectations:

  • • Quality in complying to our clients' job specifications,
  • • Quality in keeping to our clients' time schedule, and
  • • Quality in managing within our clients' budget.


We take pride in our experienced team members who are all committed to the same philosophy of Quality. Drago One's core team members of project managers, co-ordinators, carpenters, masons and senior management staff members have worked together for over 10 years. Our teamwork and shared values differentiate us, enabling us to deliver our projects on time and within budget every time.

At Drago One, we work with our clients to blend their respective corporate values into their stores, hotels, resorts, showrooms and offices. We also place emphasis on blending into the local environment and culture. Not excluding our advice to our clients on safety, health, and environmental issues, we ensure an integrated approach towards facility management.

Drago One is headquartered in Bangkok, with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and we plan to open our Shanghai/China office in 2009.

Our team has worked together to deliver quality work for clients like Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Tod’s, Massimo Dutti, Ted Baker, Polo Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Royal President Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, Banyan Tree Resorts, Grand President Hotel and others.


Our Organisation Chart 

Manager Director

Khun Michael Yeow FS


General Manager

Khun Alex Yeow SS 


Finance/Accounts/HR Dept

Khun Siriporn / Khun James


Contract Admin/Procurement Dept

Khun BW Tay


Project Director

Khun Jonathan Yeow


Operations/Project Dept

Khun Michael Yeow FS / Khun Jonathan

Khun TS Chin / Khun Katherine Woo


Quantity Survey/Tender Dept

Khun TS Ming

Khun Somchok & Khun Sittichai

Architectural & Interior Project Manager


Khun Tanatpan

Architectural & Interior Site Supervisor


Khun Yee Weng Hong & Khun Somsak

Architectural & Interior Site Manager


Khun Hoa Lan, Khun Ai, Khun Kai

Dry wall & ceiling works


Khun Noi, Khun Thaw

Carpentry works


Khun Thanyaluck

Stone & tiling works


Khun Thawee

Painting works


Khun Choke, Khun Khot

Site setting out works


Khun Wat

Welding works


Drago One's core team members of project managers, co-ordinators, carpenters, masons and senior management staff members have worked together for over 10 years.

Our teamwork and shared values differentiate us, enabling us to deliver our projects on time and within budget every time.


Our Founder

Michael Yeow is the Founder and Managing Director of Drago One. Michael has been intimately involved in interior fit-out and project management work for over 28 years. He has specialised in fit-out and complex renovation works for high-value retail and commercial projects, resorts and hotel projects, showrooms and office projects in the last 12 years. Michael's work has brought him to China, Hong Kong, Greece, India, and countries in Southeast Asia. His clients are mostly from the luxury and retail industry, which put him in a unique position to appreciate the value of quality and timely work.

Michael believes very much in working as a team, between Drago One and its clients, and within Drago One. His people-centric approach has allowed him to build a customer-focused organisation of motivated team members. He takes pride that Drago One's core members work seamlessly and in harmony as one team, regardless of their specific roles. 

Michael also deeply understands the importance of working closely with his clients in order to be able to deliver quality work that blends with their businesses. This has earned him the gratitude of many of his customers, and also the respect of his peers.


His people-centric approach has allowed him to build a customerfocused organisation of motivated team members.

He takes pride that Drago One's core members work seamlessly and in harmony as one team, regardless of their specific roles.


Core Team Members

Alex Yeow

Alex began his career in the banking industry and was based in Singapore and Thailand for 8 years. He established his own company thereafter, focusing on property development and property management in Malaysia over a period of 9 years. Alex also spent 2 years in China as a project consultant to establish a factory plant in the industrial cities of Suzhou and Shanghai. Alex is well-versed in working with government institutions and financial establishments across the countries that he has worked in. Alex’s experience in the banking industry has provided him invaluable experience in timely budgetary and cash management implementation, while his property development and consultancy roles have allowed him to be directly involved in project management work involving complex inter-relationships between clients, architects, contractors, and regulatory bodies. Alex holds an honours degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Katherine Woo

Katherine has a 12-year experience in conceptualising and implementing interior design projects ranging from good class private bungalows to major residential developments in Singapore and Malaysia. She is familiar with the demands and the importance of delivering finished projects with exceptional quality. Her stint with Far East Organization, one of Singapore’s largest property developers, has given her exposure to various hospitality and commercial projects. In 2003, she set up and headed the Malaysian branch office of a Singapore interior design firm well known for their high-end projects. She has worked on projects such as Fullerton Hotel, Orchard Parksuites, Orchard Scotts Condominium, Villas Holland Bungalows, and the Suasana Loft Condominium. Katherine graduated with a BA in Architecture from the National University of Singapore.

TS Chin

TS Chin has over 18 years of direct experience in project and construction management, and has worked mostly with multinational companies. He has managed various challenging projects, specialising in schedule, budget, and quality control management. TS Chin brings deep experience to Drago One in these areas: programme management and controls, project planning development, project closeout management, project cost management, and planning of construction methods. TS Chin has been based in China for over 12 years, and has an intimate local knowledge of its culture and value system. He holds a degree in Housing, Building and Planning, with majors in Building Management and Architecture, from the Science University of Malaysia.

BW Tay

BW spent 14 years managing public housing and a tertiary campus in Singapore, focusing on project management and maintenance work. This gave her a unique vantage point, to ensure that fit-out designs take into consideration eventual maintenance issues. BW has developed a keen eye from a maintenance perspective, so that the facilities can be easily maintained with minimal costs and work. Her 12-year stint managing the 200-hectare Nanyang Technological University has given her a strong background in managing large complex facilities. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a M.Sc in Property and Maintenance Management, and a B.Sc in Estate Management. BW presently consults for the Drago One team.

TS Ming

Ming has worked with Michael for almost 20 years, in various projects that involved interior contract works. Ming has a unique ability to adapt very well to different working methods required by various clients from different companies and countries. She takes special effort to understand her clients’ requirements, matching them with the company’s resources, and co-opting third party partners to deliver the project. Ming places emphasis on the detailed specifications to ensure a seamless process and high standard of deliverance. Ming has worked with top names since her working years, including Banyan Tree Resorts, the British Embassy, Shangri-la Hotel, Sukhothai Hotel, Oriental Mandarin Bangkok, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Zegna, Gucci, Tod’s, Chanel, Bottega, Rolex and Ferragamo. Ming’s dedication to her work has provided her clients solid confidence on the timely delivery of their projects. Ming obtained her Diploma in Quantity Surveying from T.A.R College in Malaysia in 1990.

Khun Somchok, Khun Somsak, Mr. Yee Weng Hong and Jonathan Yeow

Khun Somchok, Khun Somsak, Mr. Yee Weng Hong and Jonathan Yeow joined Michael Yeow in 1999, and have worked continuously with him since then. They were trained under Michael to manage various site supervision and management works. Their eagerness and sincerity in learning have resulted in their good reputation amongst the clients. Their dedication and loyalty have also created much positive impact among the other skilled workers within the company. Together with Michael, they have taken the leadership role to create a very harmonious working environment that is necessary to yield good results in work places. Their presence and commitment are critical to the company.

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